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Медицинский туризм / Medical tourism - Mental Health Services

Children and youth with any mental health challenges, who live in any countries and cities, now can get high quality professional mental health services at Sukhareva Scientific-Practical Children’s Mental Health Centre.

Who can benefit from this service? When medical tourism might be necessary and helpful?

  1. In the cases, when you need an alternative opinion from an expert in the field.
  2. In the cases when you want to get a complex assessment and a proper diagnosis.
  3. When it is a time to evaluate the progress of the previous treatment and find the best available option.
  4. When it is a complex case, where is a need for a team work of multiple professionals (e.g. psychiatrist, speech pathologist, psychotherapist etc.).
  5. You need clear guidelines for further treatment and recovery, that your local specialist are not able to provide.

Why Sukhareva Scientific-Practical Children’s Mental Health Centre?

Sukhareva Scientific-Practical Children’s Mental Health Centre has a long-term history providing best mental health services since 1895. We have a unique multidisciplinary team that offers family-oriented methods for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for children and youth with all types of mental health and neurological issues and developmental disorders. Families and caregivers are actively involved in all stages of treatment and can participate in each activity with their children, which could significantly improve the treatment outcomes. The clinic is modern and well equipped for the needs of children 1 to 18 with all sorts of mental health concerns.Our professional team can work together with your family to make a significant step towards your child’s well-being, emotional stability, significant improvement of mental health concerns.

Sukhareva Scientific-Practical Children’s Mental Health Centre in numbers:

  • 119 medical doctors (including psychiatrists, neurologist, paediatricians);
  • 77 psychologists and clinical counsellors;
  • 58 speech therapist, ABA-therapists and kineseologists;
  • More then 130 teacher and special education instructors.

We served 42969 patients in 2018.
5178 children stayed in the inpatient clinic setting, including approximately 1200 emergency cases.

Services at Sukhareva Scientific-Practical Children’s Mental Health Centre

Our goal is to offer mental health services in the most professional, modern, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    We can offer medical and psychological help for children with the cases of
  • Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders;
  • Eating disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia);
  • Mood disorders (Depression, Bipolar, Suicidal behaviuor);
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD;
  • Adjustment and Stress-Related Disorders;
  • Speech pathology;
  • Developmental delays;
  • Complicated bereavement and PTSD;
  • Schizoaffective Disorders and Schizophrenia.

Our clinic has all necessary high-end equipment for complex diagnostics, inpatient and outpatient treatment, consultation and testing. Translation in a few foreign languages could be offered upon request.

    Our clinic is providing:
  • Medical assessment and specialist consultation (including psychiatrist, neurologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, gynaecologist, paediatrician, psychotherapist);
  • Counselling and psychotherapy (individual, family, group);
  • Psychoeducational programs and support groups for caregivers;
  • Crisis interventions;
  • Psychological testing and psychopathology assessment;
  • Language and speech pathology assessment;
  • Training and continuing education programs for mental health professionals.

Inpatient clinic provides comfortable rooms with personal washrooms for patients and their caregivers, and is conveniently located not far from Moscow city centre, and has a great outdoor space.

To book an appointment:

  1. Call +7 (495) 958-37-07 or email zapisnapriyem@bk.ru;
  2. Please inform if you need a translation.

First appointment

  1. Please arrive in advance (at least 20-30 minutes earlier then the scheduled time), with both parents and a child.
  2. Please check the address and be aware – there is a very limited public parking near the clinic!
  3. You will have to show your picture ID (passport) when entering the clinic main gate. Please have IDs for every family member!
  4. Please proceed to “Paid services” reception desk. It is located in Building #1, 1st (ground) floor, located to the left from the main entrance gate.
  5. Please tell the front desk administrator your child’s legal name, and the time of the appointment
  6. You will sign different forms and papers prior the appointment. It will take up to 30 minutes to complete this step.
  7. You can provide the payment for the services by credit card only. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Address: 21A building, 5thDonskoiy proezd, Moscow, 119334, Russia

E-mail: mail@dpb6.ru
Website: http://www.npc-pzdp.ru/

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